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Call the modular linear system below, "The Problem".

"The Problem" is to find a vector, , that satisfies the equations above. The left hand side, right hand side, and moduli integers appearing in "The Problem" are successive 5 digit blocks of the decimal representations of the irrational numbers , , and . The reader should beware that, for "The Problem", the most obvious "Search" space has size

"The Problem" is a constructive feasibility problem. The challenge for the reader is to find a solution to "The Problem" before I present my solution on March 3, 2010. If you want a better idea of what I am looking for, please visit 64 more example problems of a similar nature, but with solutions here:

64 More Example Problems with Solutions

These problems are easier than the hardest problems I can do, but how hard are they for you? Are you up to this challenge? I will give credit on this web site to the first person to email me a correct solution before March 3, 2010.

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