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Mar 3, 2010 - Challenge Problems #1-#2 Previous Next

Welcome back to PLANETQUANTUM.COM.    :-)

The Pi = E Problem

My solution to "The Pi = E Problem" is here:

Solution to the Pi = E Solution

I have put 640 similar problems with solutions here: Den1, Den2, Den3, Den4, Den5, Den6, Den7, Den8, Den9, Den10 .

Unfortunately, nobody reported a solution to "The Pi = E Problem" before my Mar 3, 2010 deadline. However, there are other ways into the Planet Quantum Hall of Fame.    :-)

Here are some new challenges. I ask you to solve one of the two problems below:

Challenge Problem #1

Challenge Problem #2

I will give credit on my web site to the first (up to two) people to email me correct solutions to either of these two problems. There is no announced DEADLINE this time. Just send me your answers and be the first if you want Fame on my web site.    :-)

TXT Versions: Challenge Problem #1 and Challenge Problem #2.

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