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Feb 1, 2010 - Quantum Theorem Prover Previous Next

Greetings once again from PLANETQUANTUM.COM. Below are a couple screen shots of my "early stage" Quantum Theorem Prover:


While nothing much of importance is going on here (yet), this is an existence proof that the Quantum Theorem Prover exists. I'd like to say that I owe a great debt of gratitude to the following book:

Currently, I'm concentrating attention on a few items:

  • Improved Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) decision procedure (maybe I should say "MILP+" where "+" means "a little more")
  • Multivariate Chinese Remainder Theorem
  • Application of Hopcroft and Ullman's Theorem 2.4 to termination proofs of mutually recursive functions ("Theorem 2.4  If L is accepted by a DFA, then L is denoted by a regular expression")
  • "Programming by Contract" (aka "Design by Contract"™) as exhibited by, for example, the programming language Eiffel

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