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Jun 10, 2005 - A Generalization of Adamchik's Formulas Previous Next

This note (PDF version) discusses a generalization of some formulas in "A Class of Logarithmic Integrals" by Victor Adamchik.  Adamchik's paper proves 6 different general propositions allowing Adamchik to solve integrals such as

Generally, I like Adamchik's paper.  The most interesting proposition is Proposition 1 which Adamchik attributes to G. Almkvist and A. Meurman.  The proofs for Adamchik's Proposition 3, Proposition 5, and Proposition 6 are more drawn out and tortured than necessary.  My theorem below is proved in less space and generalizes half the propositions in Adamchik's paper.

Definition of Two Functions

Definition. For convenience, define

Function has properties

The following theorem generalizes Adamchik's Proposition 3, Proposition 5, and Proposition 6.

Generalization of Adamchik's Propositions 3, 5, and 6


where coefficients are determined by

Proof. Since

We get


Comment. The first few are

Adamchik's Proposition 4

The proof for Adamchik's Proposition 4 can also be simpler:




The first reference is Victor Adamchik's paper. The other
papers also discuss expression of definite integrals
in terms of derivatives of products of and functions.

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