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Jul 21, 2011 - .NET #6 Previous Next

Hello, PLANETQUANTUM.COM visitor.  :-)   In my previous news, I mentioned I was "working on the GUI front end for Quantum 2011.0" and I also showed you a 2D plot. In today's news, you can see how I get that 2D plot, interactively, in Quantum 2011.0, while executing commands in the Quantum 2011.0 GUI. You can see the resulting 2D plot with all the commands I used below.

Alternatively, I put all the commands above into a Quantum source code file which displays the same 2D plot in a Window as shown below.

Source Code: News110721.q.txt

Quantum is a high-level dynamic programming language that encourages and facilitates a software methodology of rapid application development.

Quantum 2011.0 .NET commands are Read and Eval-uated dynamically at runtime and preserved in input TextBox cells of the GUI, which makes it quite easy to quickly modify and tweak user entered input commands, reexecute the mutated commands, and see an inline 2D plot quickly update itself.

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