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YourName.qqq Exercise

Copy the two files "~\\Applications\\JohnSmith.qqq" and "~\\Main\\JohnSmith.q" to your own personal directory.  Change the file names and every String occurrence of JohnSmith, John Smith, and John to YourName, Your Name, and Your (use your real name).  The reference to "~\\Main\\JohnSmith.q" should be changed to point to the new YourName.q file on your personal directory.  In Windows Explorer, right mouse button click your file YourName.qqq bringing up a context menu and select "Create Shortcut".  Drag the "Shortcut to Yourname.qqq" onto your Windows desktop.  Finally, try double clicking this new shortcut on your desktop.  If everything has gone correctly, Quantum will automatically launch and Load your very own personal initialization file.

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