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1.  High-level, Interpreted, Interactive, Symbolic Language
2.  .NET Windows Programming Language (.NET 4, WPF, XAML)
3.  Computer Algebra System
4.  Syntax and Semantics Strongly Resembling Lisp
5.  Risch's Algorithm (Calculus)
6.  Cherry's Algorithm (Calculus)
7.  Elliptic Integrals (Calculus)
8.  Hypergeometric Integrals (Calculus)
9.  Multivariate Polynomial Factorization, Gcd
10.  Int, Solve, Series, Limit, Sum, Resultant
11.  Matrix Algebra (RowReduce, MatrixInverse, NullSpace)
12.  Grobner Bases, Buchberger's Algorithm
13.  Linear Programming
14.  Number Theory (DiscreteLog, InverseEulerPhi, JacobiSymbol, PrimitiveRoot)
15.  Arbitrary Precision Integer's, Float's, and Complex's
16.  Mathematical Constants (_Pi, _E, _Catalan, _EulerGamma, _I, _Infinity)
17.  Elementary Functions
18.  Special Functions (Elliptic, Gamma, Hypergeometric, RiemannZeta)
19.  Numerical Analysis (Int, Solve)
20.  Symbolic and Numeric HyperF
21.  Symbolic and Numeric MeijerG
22.  Statistics (ChiSquare, StudentT, Regression)
23.  Mathematical Plotting
24.  Mathematical Publishing
25.  Good for Experimental AI Work

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