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Start Quantum again and reproduce what you see in the Quantum session below.

The smallest objects in Quantum, in a Read and Print sense, are atoms.  Char's, Number's, Infinity's, String's, Symbol's, and a large assortment of Other types involved primarily with the User Interface are atoms.  We see many atoms in the Quantum session above: Setq, f, New.Array, 2, 3.14159, 3/4, cat, "dog", #'d', Map, Type, 65, #'A', "Foo", Foo, 1.234e+100, "meow", #'m', #'e', 1/3, 0.3333333333, FALSE, TRUE, etc.

Symbol's are the most important atoms in Quantum.  Every Symbol has a name (a String), a value (any Quantum object), and a property list (an Array).

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