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Hi there and welcome to Planet Quantum.

A little background: My education is at Caltech, MIT, and Stanford.  I've worked at Xerox PARC, Wolfram Research Inc., University of Waterloo, Zenprise, Apteligent, and Optimizely.  Some of you may be familiar with the computer algebra systems Mathematica and Maple.  I worked on both of those systems.  Currently, I am a Senior Staff Sofware Engineer at Optimizely. Run experiments with Optimizely's powerful SDKs. Complete solution for A/B testing, personalization, recommendations, and analytics for web, mobile, full stack, and OTT.

On this web site, I plan to:

Report on my computer algebra system QUANTUM

Publish research papers and other works that I've created

Educate some of you eager to learn by publishing some tutorials

Hand out a few "freebies"

Share information

I am looking forward to interaction with some of you readers out there who will find this web site.  Feel free to contact me at the email link provided below.

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